DAP, unconstitutional: Why I don’t agree with the decision

I totally don’t agree with this decision of the Supreme Court.

DAP speeds up government spending in infrastructures and other public projects like trains, so we minimize asking for public-private partnership. Partnering with a private organization in improving train systems increases the fare. The government can improve train systems with minimal fare increase.

Mas gusto ba nating magbayad ng 35 PHP bawat sakay? Ito ang ibibigay ng public at private partnership. Or gusto nating ma-improve ang train system nang hindi nagbabayad ng mahal?

The problem of the Supreme Court with the DAP is merely on the transactions. Declaring it unconstitutional is like telling the people, “Hey, we just partnered with a private institution and so, you have to pay more.”

Declaring DAP unconstitutional is like stopping a smooth sailing car or boat from going through its course.

If you need to correct the DAP, amend or revise it. Declaring it unconstitutional is just an end to justify the means.


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