All that glitters is not gold: Money in mining equals slavery and tragedies

mining-boom-imageAll that glitters is not gold. True enough. We have ore, silver, diamonds and what-not. These are what Ateneo de Manila alumni and businessman Manny V. Pangilinan banks on to further his moneymaking strategies. Strategies that defy his holdings over basketball teams, thinking that this could save the nation from poverty.

Perhaps this person, I call him person because his sexuality is still undetermined, is getting older as he seems and thinking that mining helps save the country from poverty is an indicator of near-death trauma.

Going home today, I noticed small black ants crawling over the toilet and bathroom sink, which are clearly an indicator that mining is becoming more prevalent today.

In one forum, Pangilinan (remember his sexuality) banked on the forum’s notion that mining should be seen as a contributor in economic growth “in a matter that mitigates the impact on the environment and improves the lives of people.”

At one glance, I would say, “What?”

Trace back the time when Philex Mining came into existence and when typhoons, stronger typhoons, have ravished the country. Understandable? Very nice.

This business magnate has to learn his market before plunging him into mining. How his face looks does not even equate to a person capable of buying a 24-karat gold. His chubby figure and an “interest in athleticism” even make him more apt to plunging deep into the bottom of the earth and digging the gold he wants to see.

Should we stop thinking of golds and jewelry as a status symbol?

Remember Chile mining tragedy, or earthquakes in the simpler sense?

Good, we should stop then.





One thought on “All that glitters is not gold: Money in mining equals slavery and tragedies

  1. I’m pretty sure you know little of small-scale mining and its adverse impact to communities. Reality is, small-scale mining–with its practitioners answering to no one and practically violating all environmental standards in the book–are usually the cause of environmental tragedies in mining communities.

    And oh–that cheap shot against MVP’s sexuality. REALLY CHEAP. As if that helps your cause–whatever it is. Your arguments are nonsense and full of holes, anyway.

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