What to do this weekend: Get the best out of bargain shops


Forget the brands and know what you want.

Last week, I posted about great shopping deals and experiences with malls on sale. But sometimes, hitting the malls every time they start a sale (because sometimes, they just change names to, “Weekend Treat,” “Eid’l Fitr Sale,” “Mother’s Day Sale,” etc.), costs as much as visiting these stores once in a while. 

A male sale may save a couple of money for every shopper, but at the end of the day you’ll realize there are more shopping options that can help you save more money. This weekend, let me take you to one of the best bargain shops around town — the Greenhills shopping district.

Greenhills Shopping Center is located right at the heart of San Juan City, where many office buildings and commercial spaces are located, not to mention house villages where families reside. Unlike the high-end Makati business district widely known for some elite shopping experience, where buying a cup of ice cream costs as much as a fully loaded meal in Greenhills. What’s best about Greenhills is great bargains. It’s like it’s always a sale every day. Well, it’s a fact.

This shopping center is packed with all things that you cannot find around usual malls. The only advantage a legitimate mall has like SM or Ayala Malls is that shops are organized and are properly labelled. But for expert shoppers who know the nooks and crannies of the shopping landscape, labels are not that important.

Greenhills has everything from trendy fashion wears, gadgets, food bazaars, home appliances, toys, name it and this shopping haven has it all for you — one of the main reasons why I do not believe in SM’s tagline.

Let me guide you through this entire shopping process in Greenhills.

1. It is a high-end Divisoria. You’ve been to Divisoria? Good, then you fairly get a glimpse of Greenhills landscape. You haven’t been the Divisoria? Imagine an indoor flea market. Greenhills is best known for its tiangges and bazaars. Hearing one person say, “I need to find a concierge to ask where this place is,” is a disgrace for shopping enthusiasts.

2. Work on your bargaining skills. My mom is probably a bargain expert. Several items in the district are tagged with prices double the actual price you can purchase the item at. Bargain at half the price and when the vendor says no, look for another shop. But if you really want the item, fight for it, and when I say so, do not get too convinced by the price tag. 

3. Discover corners until you find what you need. This is one thing big shopping malls won’t offer. You need a pair of jeans? They show you brands. In Greenhills, it’s the other way around. Style comes first before brands. You need this cut of jeans? Look at stores and the brands are just add-ons.

4. It’s a great place for wholesale shopping. It’s not the holidays but should you need to purchase items in bulk, this is the place to be. Many stores will offer huge discounts for bulk items, saving you more.

5. Lastly, decide on a meeting place, it’s important. Greenhills has a varierty of shops. At the basement is a fashion bazaar, on the other floors are brand stores and on the other side of the street are havens for techie individuals. For a dad or a brother to stay with a mom as she selects the best slacks to pair with her blouse is almost a torture. Decide on a meeting place and meet with shopping bags with items purchased.

This weekend is all about shopping!


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