#GoSeeBwiseet: 14 Lovely Reasons Why Walking on Runways and A Modelling Career Are Wastes of Time

love babygap billboard

Have you been to your national roads and expressways nowadays, or perhaps malls and shopping centers? You may have probably noticed at parlance the images of models, male and female and everything in between, endorsing your favorite brands. 

Today, thinking buyers are buying those items now because of the item’s quality and price tag, not based on whoever or whatever image is in there. Have you seen the ads of Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton with images of models, common people say, “to die for”? The language itself is of no meaning at all, cannot be understood, perhaps, a matter of craziness and insanity.

Allow us to give you 14 reasons why a modelling career is a waste of time. Or, too lazy to read all 12? 

Don’t take that risky road of showing off bodies for the sake of, let’s call it, Grace. 

1. Models are getting ugly nowadays. Why waste your time?

2. People don’t notice you anyway, but notice the items that models cannot even buy or purchase.

3. If people ever notice them, it’s an indication of tragic times for the rest of the people whom these “eyes” don’t see as beautiful. 

4. Ever got fascinated by Hunger Games fashion? You must be getting poor. 

5. These items, such as clothing, bags, shoes and what-not, are cheap. Which means, they don’t have value.

6. Valuable items are everywhere, more than what you could ever imagine.

7. Don’t wait for them to endorse jewelries, as jewelries took so many lives and cost so many “ugliness” to parade the beauty these “golds” have. What, are you living in the 1800s? You have to find your death bed, my dear. 

8. Modelling won’t give you enough financial needs to support your family in terms of giving them health, benefits and other things. 

9. Modelling won’t give you enough financial needs to survive for a year, or even for for half a month. Do you want to get poor? No one does. So enough of those poses. 

10. Who knows something about Imelda Marcos, the icon of fashion? She was a model. But, she has no value. 

11. Again, valuable things such as gold, silver and other things for jewelry-making or, for energy-building is enough to call some people slaves and miners. Are you living in the 1950s?

12. Designers are gay, enough of fooling us. 

13. Modelling does not set an example. What, a great body? What, a great look? What, a beautiful face? Some models and actors need to do something more worthwhile, other than amusing people.  

14. We see them as beautiful. 

So when people ask you, “what’s your job?” or “what are you doing right now?” And you answer modeling? Prepare to be laughed at. 


3 thoughts on “#GoSeeBwiseet: 14 Lovely Reasons Why Walking on Runways and A Modelling Career Are Wastes of Time

  1. This is so wrong. I mean if you’re saying this to be an actual fact then it’s wrong in many levels. If it’s only an opinion then I’d probably understand a bit. But really if we’re talking about money most models already have a lot to start with but to those who don’t and became successful, they honestly earned that through endorsement deals and whatever that is also huge money. Rather than saying there is no money, I think it’s proper to say that there is but you have to work really hard to get payed well.

    12. Yea they are gay. But that doesn’t make them less talented.

    13. Actors? Really? How boring do you want the world to be?

    And no. I won’t laugh at them. You probably don’t know a lot of models or haven’t meet good ones. I know some who excel in sports, studeny leaders, and have other jobs beside modeling.

    I get your point. We shouldn’t be driven by looks. But why the hate. Where is that coming from. It’s pathetic really.

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