When to and when not to fire yourself in a job: On job security


Get on your heels and face your boss and tell him or her, “I am firing myself,” before he or she even says so. You are totally done from the phase where you looked for a nice job over the Internet, or from the newspapers’ classified ads and accepted it because it’s a nice one. Did the graphics stun you? Did you hiring manager attract you?

Considering these factors, you might have accepted the job offer because you thought it’s going to start your career in your selected industry. Day one comes in… not too many work. Pay check comes in and yes, “I received my first pay check!” and you’re jumping hysterically, while your co-workers tell you at the back of their heads, “That’s just half of my earnings.”

Week three jumps right in and you feel stress, complaining of going tired after work. Week seven comes in and you find yourself bed ridden in a hospital near you.

Okay, let’s talk about job security and when to and when not to stay in a job you thought will bring you luck.

When To Stay In A Job

1. A high-paying job. It’s a high-paying job and you get the comforts and the benefits of your salary after tax has been paid and after major bills have been disposed off. Meaning, you get the luxury out of your salary and you have more disposable income and savings than your taxes.

2. A considerate leader and boss. Your boss is not a tyrant. He considers his employees’ needs, situations and problems. And she religiously gives the benefits that the employees ought to have. In other words, when your boss is approachable.

3. Asking for a raise is easy. When asking and requesting for a raise is not as difficult as reaching for a God or a Goddess in a prayer. Be honest. If you are getting the same salary after working for company for over a year and a half, leave the job.

4. Fulfillment. When you are feeling more fulfilled as days go by.

5. Promotions. When you are promoted.

6. Friendly Co-Workers. When your colleagues are not bitches

7. When your proposals are approved. When you bring something important, always, on the table and not just pure “mm-mm’s” and “yes, sir.” Remember to raise a question and question the problem and solve the crisis. In this way, the higher ups will notice you and might even consider you for a more challenging post.

8. A stable company. When the company is at the safe level; meaning, you don’t overhear at the cafeteria that the company is lacking funds, lacking investments and what-not. A sign that the company does lack these things, if you are the person so strong and don’t believe gossips around the canteen, are rats around the office floor, awkward silences and goodbyes from co-workers without expecting for a return.

When NOT to Stay In Your Company: Signs That The Company Is In The Brink Of Closing Down

1. Unreasonable wages, over-taxation and pay check release delays. When you don’t get to live a happy and good life with the wage you earn. Another sign are delayed release of wages. There is absolutely no reason for a company not to release pay checks on time.

2. Wrinkles and eyebags on boss’ faces. First, it shouldn’t be the boss who must have these. But when you notice stress over your superiors’ faces, there must be a big problem the company faces.

3. Less business travels. When an employee is used to business travels and suddenly, the travels dwindle, your business partners abroad and around the country might be raising their eyebrows by receiving little or no returns from their investments.

4. When the food in the cafeteria is not as tasty as before. Breakfasts and lunches pass by with your tablets and laptops on because the food is delicious and well-cooked. But when you notice a difference in the taste that bores you as you type in your report or as you gossip and discuss with your co-workers, there must be something wrong with the funding of the cafeteria and it boils up to the management.

5. When people ask you why you are still with the company and you say, “Because I enjoy doing my job.” Hey, are you out of your mind? There is never a job that gives you no stress and the people who “enjoy doing their job” perhaps are parents and full-time moms, and when this is only your reason of staying, I tell you, think twice. It’s never wrong to be happy of what you are doing but be honest and be real, no job is as enjoyable as laying on the beach sands. For one, you are employed because you want to make money and that’s it.



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