How To Join The Mock Online Bidding For 2015 Miss Philippines Evening Gown

Here’s how to join the mock online bidding for the 2015 Miss Philippines’ evening gown. Please read through the entire mechanics and rules to see how you can join, know the right way to make a bid, and know the disqualification rules.

There is absolutely NO real money involved in this mock online bidding. 

Important Rule: Sharing and re-posting of this contest to other Pageant groups, other groups of any kind, to your profile page, to your blog, to other Facebook pages and other platforms that are excluded from the Facebook groups that will be specified later on WILL NOT BE ALLOWED NOR TOLERATED. 

But you are allowed to invite friends to join this mock bidding only through private messages. Let’s play this mock bidding game for fun.

No discussions on the comment section, only mock bids.

1. Qualifications

To be qualified as an online mock bidder, you must be a member of the following recognized groups:

a. Pageant Talk Overload Official – PTOPII Reloaded


b. Pageant Talk Overload Philippines

Sharing this contest to other groups not mentioned above will not be allowed.

No representations and representing for other members are allowed. You may invite them to join the group should you want more support.

3. Designated Hashtags:

Pia Wurtzbach – #WearThisPia

Janicel Lubina – #WearThisJanicel

Rogelie Catacutan – #WearThisRogelie

Christi McGarry – #WearThisChristi

Ann Lorraine Colis – #WearThisAnnLorraine

2. Mechanics

Simply comment your bid with the following format:

[Name of 2015 Titleholder], [Amount of Mock Bid], [Week Number], [Designated Hashtag]


Rogelie Catacutan, PHP 100, Week 1, #WearThisRogelie

3. Important Rules

a. There will be three rounds of bidding, Week 1 to Week 3 starting July 4:

Week 1 – From July 4 to July 11

Week 2 – From July 11 to July 18

Week 3 – From July 18 to July 25

b. You are only allowed to place your bid once every week per titleholder. Meaning, you can place mock bids for all titleholders, for two titleholders only, for three titleholders only, for four titleholders only or for all five.

c. You can place different amount of bids per titleholder once per week.

d. Bid Amount Limitations

Each online mock bidder can place an amount that follows the following limitations:

Week 1 – Limited only from PHP 1 to PHP 1,000

Week 2 – From PHP 1 to PHP 5,000

Week 3 – From PHP 1 to PHP 10,000

Amounts that will exceed the limit for the week will totally be invalid and will not be counted in the final audit. Excessive number of bids per week will also be invalid. If, an online bidder places a bid more than the number of allowable bids per week or places a bid amount more than the allowable amount, all his or her bids will not be counted including his or her future bids.

e. The Announcement of The Winner

1. I will link an MS Excel file of the entire mock bid audit every time to bid round ends. Meaning, members of the groups will be able to see an MS Excel file detailing all the gathered mock bids for each titleholder, all the disqualifications and other matters.

2. The dates when which this file will be uploaded are only on July 12, July 19 and July 26.

3. Real-Time Mock Bid Counts and Updates. July 26 is a special Sunday for the members as they will see a live update of the bid count for the entire run of the contest. The live update can be seen on a thread in the two Facebook groups.

Again, members are not allowed to share this live mock bid count outside these two groups.

4. Admin Access. Only the admins of the two recognized groups can have the access to the mock bid count database whenever they need to see it. Admins may just send me a message for the database. But I will be making the audit only every Sunday.

Because admins can be able to expel members, add members and delete comments, can they delete comments and bids whenever they like?

Answer: Let’s work with honor and integrity. I will be counting the mock bids based on what has been made. It is up for these admins and for the online bidders to settle disputes regarding deleted bids, expelled members and the like.

I will begin auditing the bids entered for the entire week every Sunday at 6PM Philippine Time and will be uploading the results on the same day at 11 PM Philippine Time

You can still bid while the count is ongoing. But remember that mock bids that have been made starting 6:01 PM Philippine Time on a Sunday will already be counted on the next audit.

5. Prizes. One winning bidder will randomly be selected using an online draw lot platform which will be organized. One winner will have free two (2) tickets to PETA’s Rak of Aegis play  OR if the tickets will not be able, a free Starbucks cheesecake for two (2).

6. For questions and clarifications, please send an email to

Let the online mock bidding begin! Who will wear that evening gown?


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