Worst Gowns At The Miss USA 2015 Pageant

Five years since watching the Miss USA pageant, this year’s edition saw the worst gowns during the finals night. Whoever their designers were, it’s a thumbs-down.

The sparkle was gone and the glamour was nowhere to be seen. There were few gowns that were able to keep the beauty of the evening gown competition as with the previous years’ Miss USA pageants, but there were undeniably more bad gowns ever seen in just one night.

These gowns looked as if the pageant was turned into a horror movie story, a Halloween party or a flopped costume party. Just bad, whoever the designers are these gowns are must be booted out immediately and get fired – by Donald Trump.

Worst Gown Top One: Worn by Miss Maryland USA Mamei Adjei

Sure, Mamei Adjei has got the right curves, she has the perfect jawline and her dark beauty is enough to let her deserve a fantastic gown. But what did she get? A long gown in full back with a hellish neckline of thorn-like designs that made her appear like a Disney villain. The designer made her wear a garbage bag, and this stunning lady from Maryland deserves more.

Photo: Zimbio
Photo: Zimbio

Worst Gown Top Two: Worn by Miss Nevada USA Brittany McGowan

An evening gown is already long that it needs to be so much comfortable and easy to walk into. When Miss Nevada USA Brittany McGowan walked on the stage, you can see how heavy and uncomfortable her gown was. Looking at these requirements, her gown earned zero over two. Did we mention that she tripped a little on stage? Brittany proved the fact the gown was hard to walk into right.

Many have thought that the metallic grey with all the embellishments and the highlight, which was the train made the cut. Unfortunately, it did not. The gown was trying to get the spotlight but it just couldn’t. The removable train was something new but come to think practicality. If the gown were to worn in formal functions, say a hotel, what will be the purpose that train meant to be removed? To be a blanket to cover you as you sleep in the venue?

The weight of the gown must have something to do with her failing to answer the final question with no hesitations.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Wost Gown Top Three: Worn by the winner, Miss Oklahoma USA Olivia Jordan

Olivia is 100% gorgeous but when she wore that bright, electrifying pink gown, we thought that maybe it was suited best for the Miss Teen USA pageant. Bright pink is something that designers must be careful to feature in such national pageant events because the color has the vibe of a bedtime lingerie as well as a childhood candy. The ruffles on the skirt were unnecessary too that made the whole piece seemingly half-baked.

Good thing she was beautiful and that made her win the crown.

Photos: US Weekly Magazine
Photos: US Weekly Magazine

Worst Gown Top Four: Worn by Miss Michigan USA Rashontae Wawrzyniak

Making a recall, her gown was white with laces, long-sleeve that opened wide at the hand area. The gown looked like a Spanish national costume so, why was it at the evening gown portion? The gown made this beautiful young woman look like 50 years older and more — not to mention that gown can also pass off as a house curtain.

Photo: Miss USA
Photo: Miss USA

Best Gown: Worn by Miss Hawaii USA Emma Wo

Just Wo (whoa)! Her gown, made by Sherri Hill embodied the brand of the Miss USA and the Miss Universe pageants. The simplicity without trying hard to be glamorous was there. The free-moving fabric got the crowd going, as if it was dancing in mid-air. Miss Hawaii USA 2015 looked as if she was dancing on stage, confident of her walk and that was how comfortable her gown was. Practicality as its finest.

Photo: Miss Universe content
Photo: Miss Universe content

Sherri Hill 1 Sherri Hill 2


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