#AlDub: 7 Bigger Reasons Why Yaya Dub Is Your New ‘Amor Powers’

The love team of GMA Network talent Alden Richards and breakthrough star “Yaya Dub” is an everyday viewing pleasure, and this tandem is hitting every Pinoy’s “G-Spot” even beyond television.

Their appearance on long-running noontime show “Eat Bulaga” is breaking barriers, first on social media and second, upon almost the entire young generation in various income levels. Just what this love team has, that in a matter of a few months, they seemed to have saved the home network GMA from slumping down in ratings and in turn, generate profits.

Overnight, we have pondered on what #AlDub’s secret recipe is. If you are going to guess it’s on the love story alone, think again because it is bigger that you can ever imagine. Here are seven reasons why Yaya Dub is becoming the next superstar.

1. TV has not heard such loud shouts from fans since Guy and Pip.

This blog is born in 2000s, but the tandem of Guy and Pip back in the 1970s has so much fan base that the yells from their fandom is still reverberating until today. Last night, a report on primetime newscast 24 Oras showed a footage of a school organizing what looked like a noontime viewing of “Eat Bulaga” where students — male and female — were heard shouting in decibels like they were in a music concert.

The love teams of James Reid and Nadine Lustre, and Daniel Padilla and Kath Bernando have not made schools gather students in a viewing party.


2. Maine Mendoza, the girl behind Yaya Dub did the bravest thing ever

How did our beloved superstars and divas of today start their big break? Toni Gonzaga did it by getting in a soda commercial and declaring her love for Piolo Pascual. Marian Rivera did it by playing supporting and minor roles. Melai Cantiveros did it by showing her true self and where she came from. Vice Ganda did it the old way.

Maine Mendoza did it on social media. It’s a big leap taken by many but only a few succeed — from Internet to television. Because of this, she joins the ranks of Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and more. It was something not even “Eat Bulaga’s” overrated baes can do, not even Toni Gonzaga.


3. The concept of “Yaya” is global, at least among Filipinos

Yayas (nannies) are everywhere, it is the common job some Filipinos take overseas to provide for their family. Yaya is a variety of kinds. He or she may be a domestic helper, a personal nanny, a personal assistant to a celebrity, a promdi Inday who takes care of kids who grow up in the cities, and much more.

They are everywhere and when Yaya Dub appears on screen, it is empowering.


3. #AlDub shows that even a “Yaya Dub” can snag a successful man

Who says that a Filipino nanny cannot marry a successful man? Let Yaya Dub disprove this. The character of Alden Richards is our young and emerging successful individuals, young men in their 20s who can afford a membership in a gym and can drive his own car bought from his own pockets. For an ordinary Yaya, even the thought of flirting with this type of guy is only seen in dreams.


4. And that a young man of success can choose to marry a “Yaya Dub”

He has his own social circle but when he rides a public utility vehicle just to get to his loved one, that is something. More than the personal marriage between Alden’s character and Yaya Dub, it is the marriage of two different social classes.


5. Yaya Dub revives the losing sensation of local television

Let’s admit it, most of the shows we see on local free TV channels are somewhat a waste of airtime. You can just imagine how “Eat Bulaga” would laugh at the problems of struggling people in a barangay and answering them in senseless thoughts. You can just imagine how the primetime news highlight crimes more than worthwhile stories.

Thanks to Yaya Dub, those who are keen to watch a cable channel movie every lunchtime now choose to turn the channel to “Eat Bulaga” and our typical La Salle student has just gotten to know his local culture.


6. Do not be surprised if #AlDub reaches primetime

Now, we see them primetime already as they become the faces of the news headlines. But more is expected to come, GMA-7 is hitting two birds with one stone. By two birds, we mean these two young guys who are dominating primetime on ABS-CBN.

Believe us, when kalyeserye turns into teleserye, you can just imagine a massive bird flock migration.


7. Yaya Dub is real and natural

You don’t hear her voice but unlike other young female sensations, what Maine Mendoza does on TV is just pure authenticity, with a real heart. That is why #AlDub is smacking perfectly right to your funny bone.


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