Adrienne Bailon Dishes Out On Where To Find Beautiful, Single Men

In a recent appearance on “The Real Daytime“, Latina actress and former “Cheetah Girls” member Adrienne Bailon said the best place to find single men is at the steakhouses.

“[Someone told me] said the best place to find [single and beautiful] men was at the steakhouse,” the 31-year-old Bailon said, .which her co-hosts agreed to. “Single and order yourself a glass of wine.”

Show moderator Loni Love — whose is choosing to remain single — agreed to her belief, adding that hotels are also a nice place to find them.

Tamar made another suggestion and said churches are also among the best places to find single men.

“Especially during offering,” Loni Love added, with co-host Jeannie Mai trying to make a point about dating guy churchgoers.

Adrienne Bailon is the former girlfriend of businessman Rob Kardashian.


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