#AlDub: 7 Bigger Reasons Why Yaya Dub Is Your New ‘Amor Powers’

The love team of GMA Network talent Alden Richards and breakthrough star “Yaya Dub” is an everyday viewing pleasure, and this tandem is hitting every Pinoy’s “G-Spot” even beyond television.

Their appearance on long-running noontime show “Eat Bulaga” is breaking barriers, first on social media and second, upon almost the entire young generation in various income levels. Just what this love team has, that in a matter of a few months, they seemed to have saved the home network GMA from slumping down in ratings and in turn, generate profits.

Overnight, we have pondered on what #AlDub’s secret recipe is. If you are going to guess it’s on the love story alone, think again because it is bigger that you can ever imagine. Here are seven reasons why Yaya Dub is becoming the next superstar.

1. TV has not heard such loud shouts from fans since Guy and Pip.

This blog is born in 2000s, but the tandem of Guy and Pip back in the 1970s has so much fan base that the yells from their fandom is still reverberating until today. Last night, a report on primetime newscast 24 Oras showed a footage of a school organizing what looked like a noontime viewing of “Eat Bulaga” where students — male and female — were heard shouting in decibels like they were in a music concert.

The love teams of James Reid and Nadine Lustre, and Daniel Padilla and Kath Bernando have not made schools gather students in a viewing party.


2. Maine Mendoza, the girl behind Yaya Dub did the bravest thing ever

How did our beloved superstars and divas of today start their big break? Toni Gonzaga did it by getting in a soda commercial and declaring her love for Piolo Pascual. Marian Rivera did it by playing supporting and minor roles. Melai Cantiveros did it by showing her true self and where she came from. Vice Ganda did it the old way.

Maine Mendoza did it on social media. It’s a big leap taken by many but only a few succeed — from Internet to television. Because of this, she joins the ranks of Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and more. It was something not even “Eat Bulaga’s” overrated baes can do, not even Toni Gonzaga.


3. The concept of “Yaya” is global, at least among Filipinos

Yayas (nannies) are everywhere, it is the common job some Filipinos take overseas to provide for their family. Yaya is a variety of kinds. He or she may be a domestic helper, a personal nanny, a personal assistant to a celebrity, a promdi Inday who takes care of kids who grow up in the cities, and much more.

They are everywhere and when Yaya Dub appears on screen, it is empowering.


3. #AlDub shows that even a “Yaya Dub” can snag a successful man

Who says that a Filipino nanny cannot marry a successful man? Let Yaya Dub disprove this. The character of Alden Richards is our young and emerging successful individuals, young men in their 20s who can afford a membership in a gym and can drive his own car bought from his own pockets. For an ordinary Yaya, even the thought of flirting with this type of guy is only seen in dreams.


4. And that a young man of success can choose to marry a “Yaya Dub”

He has his own social circle but when he rides a public utility vehicle just to get to his loved one, that is something. More than the personal marriage between Alden’s character and Yaya Dub, it is the marriage of two different social classes.


5. Yaya Dub revives the losing sensation of local television

Let’s admit it, most of the shows we see on local free TV channels are somewhat a waste of airtime. You can just imagine how “Eat Bulaga” would laugh at the problems of struggling people in a barangay and answering them in senseless thoughts. You can just imagine how the primetime news highlight crimes more than worthwhile stories.

Thanks to Yaya Dub, those who are keen to watch a cable channel movie every lunchtime now choose to turn the channel to “Eat Bulaga” and our typical La Salle student has just gotten to know his local culture.


6. Do not be surprised if #AlDub reaches primetime

Now, we see them primetime already as they become the faces of the news headlines. But more is expected to come, GMA-7 is hitting two birds with one stone. By two birds, we mean these two young guys who are dominating primetime on ABS-CBN.

Believe us, when kalyeserye turns into teleserye, you can just imagine a massive bird flock migration.


7. Yaya Dub is real and natural

You don’t hear her voice but unlike other young female sensations, what Maine Mendoza does on TV is just pure authenticity, with a real heart. That is why #AlDub is smacking perfectly right to your funny bone.


Worst Gowns At The Miss USA 2015 Pageant

Five years since watching the Miss USA pageant, this year’s edition saw the worst gowns during the finals night. Whoever their designers were, it’s a thumbs-down.

The sparkle was gone and the glamour was nowhere to be seen. There were few gowns that were able to keep the beauty of the evening gown competition as with the previous years’ Miss USA pageants, but there were undeniably more bad gowns ever seen in just one night.

These gowns looked as if the pageant was turned into a horror movie story, a Halloween party or a flopped costume party. Just bad, whoever the designers are these gowns are must be booted out immediately and get fired – by Donald Trump.

Worst Gown Top One: Worn by Miss Maryland USA Mamei Adjei

Sure, Mamei Adjei has got the right curves, she has the perfect jawline and her dark beauty is enough to let her deserve a fantastic gown. But what did she get? A long gown in full back with a hellish neckline of thorn-like designs that made her appear like a Disney villain. The designer made her wear a garbage bag, and this stunning lady from Maryland deserves more.

Photo: Zimbio
Photo: Zimbio

Worst Gown Top Two: Worn by Miss Nevada USA Brittany McGowan

An evening gown is already long that it needs to be so much comfortable and easy to walk into. When Miss Nevada USA Brittany McGowan walked on the stage, you can see how heavy and uncomfortable her gown was. Looking at these requirements, her gown earned zero over two. Did we mention that she tripped a little on stage? Brittany proved the fact the gown was hard to walk into right.

Many have thought that the metallic grey with all the embellishments and the highlight, which was the train made the cut. Unfortunately, it did not. The gown was trying to get the spotlight but it just couldn’t. The removable train was something new but come to think practicality. If the gown were to worn in formal functions, say a hotel, what will be the purpose that train meant to be removed? To be a blanket to cover you as you sleep in the venue?

The weight of the gown must have something to do with her failing to answer the final question with no hesitations.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Wost Gown Top Three: Worn by the winner, Miss Oklahoma USA Olivia Jordan

Olivia is 100% gorgeous but when she wore that bright, electrifying pink gown, we thought that maybe it was suited best for the Miss Teen USA pageant. Bright pink is something that designers must be careful to feature in such national pageant events because the color has the vibe of a bedtime lingerie as well as a childhood candy. The ruffles on the skirt were unnecessary too that made the whole piece seemingly half-baked.

Good thing she was beautiful and that made her win the crown.

Photos: US Weekly Magazine
Photos: US Weekly Magazine

Worst Gown Top Four: Worn by Miss Michigan USA Rashontae Wawrzyniak

Making a recall, her gown was white with laces, long-sleeve that opened wide at the hand area. The gown looked like a Spanish national costume so, why was it at the evening gown portion? The gown made this beautiful young woman look like 50 years older and more — not to mention that gown can also pass off as a house curtain.

Photo: Miss USA
Photo: Miss USA

Best Gown: Worn by Miss Hawaii USA Emma Wo

Just Wo (whoa)! Her gown, made by Sherri Hill embodied the brand of the Miss USA and the Miss Universe pageants. The simplicity without trying hard to be glamorous was there. The free-moving fabric got the crowd going, as if it was dancing in mid-air. Miss Hawaii USA 2015 looked as if she was dancing on stage, confident of her walk and that was how comfortable her gown was. Practicality as its finest.

Photo: Miss Universe content
Photo: Miss Universe content

Sherri Hill 1 Sherri Hill 2

How To Join The Mock Online Bidding For 2015 Miss Philippines Evening Gown

Here’s how to join the mock online bidding for the 2015 Miss Philippines’ evening gown. Please read through the entire mechanics and rules to see how you can join, know the right way to make a bid, and know the disqualification rules.

There is absolutely NO real money involved in this mock online bidding. 

Important Rule: Sharing and re-posting of this contest to other Pageant groups, other groups of any kind, to your profile page, to your blog, to other Facebook pages and other platforms that are excluded from the Facebook groups that will be specified later on WILL NOT BE ALLOWED NOR TOLERATED. 

But you are allowed to invite friends to join this mock bidding only through private messages. Let’s play this mock bidding game for fun.

No discussions on the comment section, only mock bids.

1. Qualifications

To be qualified as an online mock bidder, you must be a member of the following recognized groups:

a. Pageant Talk Overload Official – PTOPII Reloaded

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PTOPIIReloaded/?ref=browser

b. Pageant Talk Overload Philippines


Sharing this contest to other groups not mentioned above will not be allowed.

No representations and representing for other members are allowed. You may invite them to join the group should you want more support.

3. Designated Hashtags:

Pia Wurtzbach – #WearThisPia

Janicel Lubina – #WearThisJanicel

Rogelie Catacutan – #WearThisRogelie

Christi McGarry – #WearThisChristi

Ann Lorraine Colis – #WearThisAnnLorraine

2. Mechanics

Simply comment your bid with the following format:

[Name of 2015 Titleholder], [Amount of Mock Bid], [Week Number], [Designated Hashtag]


Rogelie Catacutan, PHP 100, Week 1, #WearThisRogelie

3. Important Rules

a. There will be three rounds of bidding, Week 1 to Week 3 starting July 4:

Week 1 – From July 4 to July 11

Week 2 – From July 11 to July 18

Week 3 – From July 18 to July 25

b. You are only allowed to place your bid once every week per titleholder. Meaning, you can place mock bids for all titleholders, for two titleholders only, for three titleholders only, for four titleholders only or for all five.

c. You can place different amount of bids per titleholder once per week.

d. Bid Amount Limitations

Each online mock bidder can place an amount that follows the following limitations:

Week 1 – Limited only from PHP 1 to PHP 1,000

Week 2 – From PHP 1 to PHP 5,000

Week 3 – From PHP 1 to PHP 10,000

Amounts that will exceed the limit for the week will totally be invalid and will not be counted in the final audit. Excessive number of bids per week will also be invalid. If, an online bidder places a bid more than the number of allowable bids per week or places a bid amount more than the allowable amount, all his or her bids will not be counted including his or her future bids.

e. The Announcement of The Winner

1. I will link an MS Excel file of the entire mock bid audit every time to bid round ends. Meaning, members of the groups will be able to see an MS Excel file detailing all the gathered mock bids for each titleholder, all the disqualifications and other matters.

2. The dates when which this file will be uploaded are only on July 12, July 19 and July 26.

3. Real-Time Mock Bid Counts and Updates. July 26 is a special Sunday for the members as they will see a live update of the bid count for the entire run of the contest. The live update can be seen on a thread in the two Facebook groups.

Again, members are not allowed to share this live mock bid count outside these two groups.

4. Admin Access. Only the admins of the two recognized groups can have the access to the mock bid count database whenever they need to see it. Admins may just send me a message for the database. But I will be making the audit only every Sunday.

Because admins can be able to expel members, add members and delete comments, can they delete comments and bids whenever they like?

Answer: Let’s work with honor and integrity. I will be counting the mock bids based on what has been made. It is up for these admins and for the online bidders to settle disputes regarding deleted bids, expelled members and the like.

I will begin auditing the bids entered for the entire week every Sunday at 6PM Philippine Time and will be uploading the results on the same day at 11 PM Philippine Time

You can still bid while the count is ongoing. But remember that mock bids that have been made starting 6:01 PM Philippine Time on a Sunday will already be counted on the next audit.

5. Prizes. One winning bidder will randomly be selected using an online draw lot platform which will be organized. One winner will have free two (2) tickets to PETA’s Rak of Aegis play  OR if the tickets will not be able, a free Starbucks cheesecake for two (2).

6. For questions and clarifications, please send an email to jonlindley.agustin@gmail.com

Let the online mock bidding begin! Who will wear that evening gown?

Walt Disney official threatens National University with copyright law suits


Cheerdance championship title winner National University saw Sunday’s competition in the Philippines as a celebration. A Walt Disney Company marketing official on the other hand saw it as a way to ask the university to pay copyright fees.

NU, which earned a back-to-back championship title from the University Athletic Association of the Philippines cheerdance competition since last year, used Pocahontas and Aladdin as themes for the competition, both of which were popularized by Walt Disney.

Disney’s legal team and marketing officers have known of this copyright issue since last year, after having been informed of the news via news websites online.

Once again, they came to know of the university’s winning today, as well as the repeated use of Disney themes, via an email sent to the company.

“We woke up with the news of this local university winning a cheerdance title using our own Pocahontas as theme,” Disney said in a statement. “Last year, they used Aladdin. we would have let it pass but to use another Disney theme again? We don’t think that’s fair.”

Because of this, Walt Disney Company threatens to file copyright law suits to NU, if corresponding fees will not be paid soon.

“We have measures and rules if an organization plans to use our movies or our songs,” the management further said.

One way to legally use Disney characters is by getting permission to use them from Disney Enterprises. A variety of Disney corporate entities own the intellectual property rights to Disney characters.

An organization or a group may receive permission in the form of a letter or an email message. Disney may require an individual or organization that wants to make extended commercial use of Disney characters to enter into a licensing agreement where the user pays Disney for rights to use the character. Disney may also refuse to give you permission to use its characters.

This year’s cheerdance competition is NU twice in a row, using Aladdin and Pocahontas as themes, respectively. Champions for this year’s competition won money and sponsor gifts as prizes.

“The costumes, the songs, the theme, they are clearly Disney, and we just can’t let any big organization use our intellectual properties like public toilets,” said one Disney official.

“Walt Disney has always worked hard to create characters and stories that get popularized among all ages,” he added. “Using them to earn something outside of our boundaries is clearly a breach of intellectual property rights.”

Robin Williams died of Parkinson’s disease, CNN reports; doctors think disease is related to an immunity illness


QUEZON CITY, Philippines — Renowned actor and comedian Robin Williams died August 11, with Parkinson’s disease as the cause of death reported by CNN. However, doctors question whether the disease is related to a larger immunity virus.

Here’s a famous quote by Williams: “

‘Divorce is like ripping a man’s genitals out through his wallet’

The world is waiting for his final funeral rites, to pay last tributes. 

#GoSeeBwiseet: 14 Lovely Reasons Why Walking on Runways and A Modelling Career Are Wastes of Time

love babygap billboard

Have you been to your national roads and expressways nowadays, or perhaps malls and shopping centers? You may have probably noticed at parlance the images of models, male and female and everything in between, endorsing your favorite brands. 

Today, thinking buyers are buying those items now because of the item’s quality and price tag, not based on whoever or whatever image is in there. Have you seen the ads of Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton with images of models, common people say, “to die for”? The language itself is of no meaning at all, cannot be understood, perhaps, a matter of craziness and insanity.

Allow us to give you 14 reasons why a modelling career is a waste of time. Or, too lazy to read all 12? 

Don’t take that risky road of showing off bodies for the sake of, let’s call it, Grace. 

1. Models are getting ugly nowadays. Why waste your time?

2. People don’t notice you anyway, but notice the items that models cannot even buy or purchase.

3. If people ever notice them, it’s an indication of tragic times for the rest of the people whom these “eyes” don’t see as beautiful. 

4. Ever got fascinated by Hunger Games fashion? You must be getting poor. 

5. These items, such as clothing, bags, shoes and what-not, are cheap. Which means, they don’t have value.

6. Valuable items are everywhere, more than what you could ever imagine.

7. Don’t wait for them to endorse jewelries, as jewelries took so many lives and cost so many “ugliness” to parade the beauty these “golds” have. What, are you living in the 1800s? You have to find your death bed, my dear. 

8. Modelling won’t give you enough financial needs to support your family in terms of giving them health, benefits and other things. 

9. Modelling won’t give you enough financial needs to survive for a year, or even for for half a month. Do you want to get poor? No one does. So enough of those poses. 

10. Who knows something about Imelda Marcos, the icon of fashion? She was a model. But, she has no value. 

11. Again, valuable things such as gold, silver and other things for jewelry-making or, for energy-building is enough to call some people slaves and miners. Are you living in the 1950s?

12. Designers are gay, enough of fooling us. 

13. Modelling does not set an example. What, a great body? What, a great look? What, a beautiful face? Some models and actors need to do something more worthwhile, other than amusing people.  

14. We see them as beautiful. 

So when people ask you, “what’s your job?” or “what are you doing right now?” And you answer modeling? Prepare to be laughed at.